Friday, March 16, 2012

Leather Cuffs

When I was in Utah I picked up a few pieces of scrap leather from the Tandy Leather Co. I had some bits and bobs sitting around from broken jewelry pieces that I thought I could repurpose in the form of a leather cuff or two. After cutting the leather to the size I wanted and attaching the jewelry piece, I closed the cuff by punching a few holes on the ends and lacing it threw with a shoelace. I ended up with 3 different pieces that I'm quite excited to wear out and about!


  1. They look great! I love playing with those Tandy scrap leather bags. Last week I picked up one with light green and turquoise leather and I cut out flower shapes and made a great brooch.

  2. You are becoming quite the jewelry maker these days lady. Beautiful. Love the last one!