Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wii Are Amused.

Thanks to Pier's (Mr. Italian Postcards) doctor who recommended that he get a Wii to get more exercise and lose some weight. Under doctor's "orders" he promptly brought home a Wii the very next week. Now, my home has a strict no video game rule, I whole hardely believe that they rot your brain, so if Mr. IP was going to bring home the brain rotter, I wanted to make sure that there were no games involving war fighting, blood splattering, car thieving, ho pimping, guns shooting people, or any weapons for that matter. So we got the Wii sports package and unless you consider a golf club or bowling ball weapons (unless you are playing a game of Clue where these would make excellent weapons in the conservatory), it seems to fit my criteria. The bonus is Mr. IP brought home an extra game called Just Dance where you follow along dancing for points. This game is for me And it gave me another idea. What to wear while playing the Wii?

What do you wear to Wii? 

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