Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Mod Squad

The 60's are always with us. If you don't dig the hippie look, you can go Mod. The Mod lifestyle and fashion originated in London in the 1950's but was at it's peek in the 1960's.
Wikipedia says:
"The mod scene developed when British teenagers began to reject the "dull, timid, old-fashioned, and uninspired" British culture around them, with its repressed and class-obsessed mentality and its naffness."
Mods are associated with Beat music, tight tailored suits, Vespa scooters, and Mary Quant's mini skirts.

Lady Thrift: www.ladythrift.etsy.com

Monday, April 27, 2009

Jump Into It

The water that is. Summer is coming and so it's time for a new (old) swimsuit. Vintage is where it's at if you are going for style and originality. Stand out by the pool, beach, sea side, or even sprinklers this summer with these finds!fikesfuntiques: www.fikesfuntiques.etsy.com
missbrache: http://www.missbrache.etsy.com/
Italian Postcards: www.italianpostcards.etsy.com
Rarae Aves: http://www.raraeaves.etsy.com/Good Eye: http://www.goodeye.etsy.com/zwzzy: http://www.zwzzy.etsy.com/

Strut Your Stuff

If I decided to get a tattoo, another one, it would be of a peacock. They are stunningly beautiful and they love to strut around showing off like fashion divas. All of us vintage fashion gals have a bit of that peacock in us don't we? So here are a few of those fabulous peacocks I found.Italian Postcards: http://www.italianpostcards.etsy.com/CHERRY PICK VINTAGE: http://www.cherrypickvintage.etsy.com/gold nugget: http://www.goldnugget.etsy.com/purple daisy jewelry: http://www.purpledaisyjewelry.etsy.com/
scottish art: www.scottishart.etsy.com

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Go Ask Alice

Alice in Wonderland is a personal style icon for me. From Lewis Carroll to Disney, blond or brunette, I just love the mary janes, cute dresses, headbands, and top hats. Sometimes I like to incorporate a little Alice in my everyday outfits wearing something like these gems:Italian Postcards: http://www.italianpostcards.com/ Maries Vintage: http://www.mariesvintage.etsy.com/ adVintagous: www.adVintagous.etsy.com

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Baci Pucci

Say the word Pucci and instantly color and pattern come to mind. Emilio Pucci was born into a rich and noble Florence family in 1914. He couldn't have been more ideal Italian man for his generation. A great sportsman, avid skier, stanch patriot and Mussolini supporter, married a Roman Baroness, and became a great fashion designer.
The house of Pucci is still going strong today however, Emilio's heyday was in the 50's and 60's. Finding a vintage Pucci piece is like discovering a psychedelic treasure. And yes! I found plenty of Pucci and Pucci-esque on Etsy.

water buffalo mist: http://www.waterbuffalomist.etsy.com/
Pucci-Like: R-L-R-L, Good Eye, Cherry Picked Vintage, Fire Gypsy Vintage, The Feathered Nest

Friday, April 24, 2009

Jackie's Item of the Day

Have you seen this blog? It's beautiful. period. Not only that but today I am THE item, in the "Item of the Day" feature! Check it out, you won't be sorry:
This is the item she chose to feature.

Thanks Jackie!

That's Not My Name!

Part of the charm of wearing vintage is the chance to dress up and pretend to be from another time or era. I say, Why not sometimes pretend to be someONE else too? Could be fun to be Irma for a day. That might not be your name but it could be?

hanky lady: http://www.hankylady.etsy.com/

Just to get you in the mood, my favorite Ting Ting's song: That's Not My Name:

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Found: Jane Austen on Etsy

Long for the romantic notions of the Regency period? I do. Every time I'm in a funk, I reach for a Austen classics. Any of them will do. I keep hoping to get the question on a Trivia Pursuit card one day to name all 6 novels because darn it I can be one heck of an Austen geek!
Want to get the Jane's period look? Surprise surprise, I found some looks on Etsy! Hay, It's better than Civil War reenacting BUT let's face it, Mr. Darcy really is the best accessory.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bringing Sexy Back

Who says that all the action has to be on the front? I say it's all about the back. Think of it like a little surprise that you catch every ting you get a glimpse of your back side. Ooh la la!
brown bag vintage: www.brownbagvintage.etsy.com

Vintage Shouting: http://www.vintageshouting.etsy.com/Fire gypsy Vintage: http://www.firegypsyvintage.etsy.com/