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Pay Pal Dispute Response

Dear Pay Pal Resolution Center,

  My name is Chelsea Christensen and I have had an Etsy shop called Italian Postcards since 2008. In that time my shop had had 843 sales. Pay Pal has been my only method of payment since the day I opened. I currently have a 100% (5 star) satisfied customer rating including 497 positive feedback messages left on my review page. (

 I would like to address this dispute and provide as much information as I can to help resolve the claim.
In case no. PP-003-607-645-488 , Mr. Bozena Grygoriew claims the item he purchased from me did not match the original description. The Etsy conversations he sent to me stated the following:

    “its not a coat as you described it, it's a thin blazer.”

    “And second, it has massive shoulder pads and very very wide back so it can not be a   
size XS/S. Also lining is unstitched all the way on the bottom of blazer.”

“I've compared this to my other GENUINE Pendleton items and I belive this is a fake item. The label is sewn in wonky and the vales from inside have been cut out. The lining as I mentioned before isn't stitched on properly, it looks like it's not part of the original jacket. I have a lot of Pendleton items and this one does not meet their standard.”

Mr. Grygoriew’s description of the item he received does not even sound like the coat he purchased from me and sent to him. His descriptions and issues are so inaccurate and bizarre I am baffled as to what he is talking about. Here is the listing for the coat I sold to him:
As you can see in the photos this coat is a thick wool and not the lightweight jacket Mr. Grygoriew said it was. I also provided the accurate measurements of this coat and it does fit like a small. I wear a size small and it was tight on me or I would have kept this coat for myself. Lastly on his claim that this is a fake Pendleton coat; the style and patterns of a Pendleton coat is so distinctive that I wouldn’t even began to know how to make or find a forgery, let alone think that I could get away with selling one to a fan of the brand. There is 100% NO REASON for me to sell fake items in my shop. I have a day job and my Etsy shop is a hobby that I very much enjoy and take pride in. I am also extremely proud of my perfect feedback score concerning the authentic items and satisfied patrons I have sold to. Here is a link to a coat exactly like the one I sold to Mr. Grygoriew from a seller who also says that this is a real Pendleton coat:

On a side note Mr. Grygoriew asked me to send his purchased coat Express Priority Mail as to get it to him before Christmas. This cost me $68 of which he by email agreed to pay $32 for. I sent him an invoice for this added cost which he cancelled and never paid me for. I am out of pocket that shipping cost on top of this claim.

    In conclusion, it is my opinion that Mr. Grygoriew is being false with his accusations and claim. To a shop owner like me, this is a worst nightmare. PLEASE let me know if I can provide any more information to help resolve this situation as soon as possible. I am happy to speak with anyone from Pay Pal on this matter. I will provide my personal cell phone number upon private request.
Thank you so much for your time,
Chelsea Christensen

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